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Valhalla Festival

Saturday December 23, 2017
RAI Amsterdam


22.30 - 07.00
Doors close at 4.00 hrs

Minimum Age

18 years old, ID is required.


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pay with your pin card at valhalla

Polaroid Website pinnen (1)At Valhalla Festival, we’re implementing a cashless payment system. From now on, you will pay for your drinks the easiest way imaginable: with your pin card or creditcard.

You don’t need to stand in line for tokens anymore!


  • We strongly recommend you to bring your pin- or credit card for swift payment at the bar. 

Other options:

  •  All foreign credit card holders can get a Valhalla Payment Card at the Payment Card Points.
  •  Valhalla Payment Cards can also be topped up (with cash) at the Payment Card Points. 
  • After the event, you can ask for a refund for the remaining credit on the Valhalla Payment Card.