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Event Info

Valhalla Festival

Saturday December 23, 2017
RAI Amsterdam


22.30 - 07.00
Doors close at 4.00 hrs

Minimum Age

18 years old, ID is required.


After buying your tickets, you'll receive an email asking you to add the personal information for every individual ticket receiver. The tickets will be emailed to you, once this process is completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cashless Payment System

Did you buy a Valhalla Payment Card at Valhalla Festival?

You can ask for a refund at


Valhalla Festival takes place on Saturday, 23 December 2017 from 22:30 PM until 7:00 AM. Please note the circus gate will close at 4:00 AM.


Valhalla Festival takes place at RAI Amsterdam. This venue is located at Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam. View on Google Maps.


Minimum Age

The minimum age to enter the wonderful world of Valhalla Festival is 18 years, and an ID is required.


A valid ID is required to enter Valhalla Festival. Please keep in mind that a copy of your ID doesn’t count as a valid ID. Only valid IDs such as your passport or driver’s license will be accepted.

Getting there... and away

We strongly advise everyone to use your good old horse carriage, public transportation and/or a bike to get to the festival site.

The Valhalla Bus by Event Travel
Share a touring bus with your friends! Choose convenience and travel with a luxury coach to Valhalla. Event Travel has around 75 pick-up locations throughout the country. For more info visit:


There are plenty of bike parking facilities in front of the festival entrance. From Amsterdam Central Station, it’s a 25-minute bicycle drive, simply navigate to RAI Amsterdam on Google Maps.

Shuttle Bus

GVB provides a shuttle bus service from RAI Amsterdam to Amsterdam Central Station. The shuttle busses depart every 15 minutes in front of the RAI to Amsterdam Central Station from 04.00h till 07.00h. You need to pay for the Shuttle Bus with your OV-chipcard or you can purchase your bus ticket at the GVB ticket selling point in front of the exit of RAI. The GVB selling point accepts cash and card. A bus ticket costs €4,50.


Station RAI Amsterdam is located a stone’s throw from the RAI complex and has trains departing to most cities in the Netherlands. When you leave the venue, please follow the signs for RAI Amsterdam. For further information consult the NS [Dutch railways] travel planner by visiting


Tram 4 runs between the RAI (Europaplein stop), Amsterdam’s city centre and Amsterdam Central Station.


Bus 62 and 65 run between the RAI (Europaplein stop) and Amsterdam Amstel Station


Metro 51 runs between Amsterdam Central Station, Amsterdam Amstel Station and Amsterdam RAI Station.
Metro 50 runs regularly between the Amsterdam Sloterdijk and Gein stations and stops at the RAI Amsterdam station.
Departure times of the first trains/trams/buses/metros on Sunday morning will be communicated at the festival entrance and exit.


There are paid parking facilities at the RAI. Please follow the signs and instructions of the traffic controllers.


Parking is possible at the parking facilities at RAI Amsterdam. You can get your parking ticket at the door at the night of the event or online at the website of RAI Amsterdam. Don’t forget to select “23-12-2017” as your parking date when you book online!


There are e-lockers on site where you can safely store your jackets and other personal belongings. You will find the lockers next to the festival entrance. It’s possible to buy a locker in advance through our website:

The code for your locker will be sent to you shortly before the event, 1800 hrs on Friday, 15 December. After this date, you can buy a locker at the festival site.

Ticket prices

Regular Tickets are available at €52,50 excl. service fee

The only official counter to buy tickets for Valhalla Festival is through our own website:


Valhalla will most likely sell out ahead of the festival, so we recommend you buy your tickets online beforehand to avoid disappointment. There will be no ticket sale at the door on December 23rd .

Where can I buy Tickets?

The only official website to buy tickets for Valhalla Festival is our website: Tickets are processed by out ticketing partner Paylogic.
Travel Packages for Valhalla Festival 2017 are available through the website of our official travel partner Festicket.

Travel Packages

Travel Packages for Valhalla Festival 2017 including tickets for the festival and a place to stay are available at the website of our official travel partner Festicket.


After you’ve bought your tickets, you will receive an email asking you to add the personal information for every individual ticket receiver. The tickets will be emailed to you, once this process is completed.


If you have the wrong name on your ticket or if you bought the ticket from somebody who already personalized it you can change it at the Namechange Request Form. Requesting a namechange is possible until December the 23rd, 23:30.

Questions about your tickets?

For questions or problems with your tickets, please go to:

Second Hand Market

Avoid ticket touts and only buy tickets for Valhalla Festival at our official website: Also: take caution when buying tickets at online marketplaces or Ticketswap, you might get scammed and we can’t guarantee the validity of these tickets.

Can I exit and re-enter the festival?

It’s not possible to exit and re-enter Valhalla Festival. Trust us, , once you’re in, you will be so immersed and filled with wonderment that you will never look back to the outside world.

Food and Drinks

You are not allowed to bring your own food or beverages to Valhalla Festival. We have a great variety of delicious meals available onsite, this includes a variety of food suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Should you have any food allergies or other questions about food at Valhalla Festival? Please contact us at

We are not looking for caterers.

Free Tapwater

There are tap points on site where you can fill a bottle or cup with tap water for free.


At Valhalla Festival, smoking is only allowed at the smoking area. You are not allowed to smoke anywhere else in the RAI venue. Tobacco is available on site.


The possession and/or dealing of both soft- as well as hard drugs is prohibited at the festival. If there is any evidence of overt use and/or possession, confiscation of the drugs will follow and/or the offender will be handed over to the police.


Valhalla Festival is a circus-themed environment and we encourage you to dress up for the occasion! Dive into your costume trunk and impress us with your eye-catching “Circus of Myths”-themed outfit on December 23!

10,000 HOURS

In cooperation with 10,000 HOURS, we’re providing the world with an incredible experience while giving back to the communities around us. Every year we host a Valhalla Volunteer Day in cooperation with 10,000 HOURS. This year we will be organizing a Mini Christmas Circus for vulnerable children on December 13. Apply here if you would like to fulfill a role on this special day.

Get involved and help us make a difference! Amazing things can happen in just a few hours:

Celebrate Safe

We encourage you to celebrate the good life but do it safely. Check out the Celebrate Safe page on our website to learn about the ten pillars that will help you to Celebrate Safe!

Lost and Found / iLOST

If you lost personal items like your keys, wallets, phones or your favourite sweater, don’t panic! There’s a good chance you’ll find it at iLost. Because of Christmas, all found items will be uploaded to the iLost website on Wednesday, December 27th.

First Aid

There is a first aid post on site! It’s marked with a red cross and can be found at a central place in the venue. The First Aid Post is staffed with emergency medical professionals equipped to treat any health issues; from aspirins, plasters to drug related issues. Please be honest about what kind of drugs or alcohol you’ve used as all information will be treated confidentially and will enable the emergency staff to treat you appropriately.

Disability access

We have special entrances for wheelchairs and almost all throughways on the festival grounds are accessible by wheelchair.. Please get in touch at if you have any special requests concerning accessibility.

Bringing Medicines

Please check out this FAQ before contacting us. In the unlikely event of you not finding an answer on that site, please email us at

Hearing Protection

Please take care of your ears! As the music will be above 87 dB using earplugs with a filter is a smart move. These earplugs will enable you to still hear the music perfectly, have intelligible conversations and most importantly, will prevent hearing damage and the annoying ringing after the event. We recommend to use the Alpine PartyPlug earplugs as they are super comfortable. During Valhalla Festival, Alpine PartyPlug earplugs will be available at all the cash desks. The PartyPlug earplugs are reusable, so you can protect your ears not only at Valhalla Festival but at other festivals as well. Love your ears!


Are your curious to which wonderful musical adventures Valhalla has to offer this year? The line-up will be online soon. We will post the timetable online as soon as it is finished.


You are allowed to take pictures with a smartphone or compact camera. Professional cameras or cameras with interchangeable lenses are not allowed. Go Pro’s are allowed, as are selfie sticks up to a length of 1 meter.

Privacy Statement

The privacy statement that is applicable on this website can be found here.

House Rules

Please respect our house rules.
For House Rules in English click here / Voor Huisregels in het Nederlands klik hier

Terms and Conditions

For Terms and Conditions in English click here
Voor de Algemene Voorwaarden in het Nederlands klik hier

Working at Valhalla Festival

The Valhalla Festival Circus is fully staffed. Hence, we are not looking for staff or volunteers. Should this change, we’ll communicate about this through our Facebook page.


Are you an accredited journalist of a newspaper, magazine, website or other media outlet? And do you want to report about Valhalla Festival? Please email us at and tell us more about the platform you work for, your reach and the coverage you’re planning to give Valhalla Festival.

Please note that Valhalla Festival has limited room for press, we will let you know as soon as possible if you made it through the final selection. Submitting an application does not automatically mean that we will grant you with a press pass.

Contact us

Please check this FAQ before contacting us. E-mails containing questions of which the answers can be found on the website will not be answered. Haven’t found your answer in the FAQ? Please send an email to