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Valhalla Festival

Saturday December 23, 2017
RAI Amsterdam


22.30 - 07.00
Doors close at 4.00 hrs

Minimum Age

18 years old, ID is required.


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Celebrate Safe

Partying is about rolling life, not face. It’s about not missing one moment of the lights, the music, the celebration, the dancing in the sun. It’s about connecting with music lovers from around the world who’ve come together to experience the time of their lives. It’s about being present and making the right choices. These moments are made for you – don’t miss any of them!

Be kind to yourself and your body, because even though partying is great, it isn’t without risks.

Risks cover for instance the use of alcohol and drugs (what, where and the amount), the risks loud music is to your ears, the risks of not driving sober or driving when you are too tired and the risks of unsafe sex. Pay attention, be present and listen to your personal rhythm and needs. You don’t have to “keep up”. You definitely should celebrate the good life, but even more important: celebrate safely and healthy. Celebrate Safe. For more information, check out the Celebrate Safe website

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10 pillars that help you to celebrate safe

Using drugs or other alcohol is never without risks

Everyone wants to enjoy themselves but be kind to yourself and your body. If you do choose to use drugs and alcohol do so wisely and consciously. Be aware of how much you consume and pay attention to how you feel. The best parties are the ones where everything is just right. The most rewarding experiences we share are at their core, about the music, being part of a community and spending time with each other. You don’t need drugs or alcohol to have those. Using drugs and drinking alcohol is never without risk. Mixing drugs and alcohol, frequent use or use in high volumes are examples that will increase your risks of life-threatening problems.

Risks derive from the amount you consume, where you consume it, what sort of substances you consume and your bodies unique reaction to what you put into it. We all have that friend who gets tipsy after 1 beer or the one that seems stone cold sober after 10. So pay attention, be present and listen to your personal rhythm. You don’t have to “keep up”.

I love my ears

A party without music isn’t a party at all. Becoming deaf or having a buzzing or ringing in your ears that will never disappear is a lousy souvenir from a good event. Be gentle to your ears. Wear earplugs at all times. These are available at all events. Also – of course we all want to feel the bass and gnash out our very best Bass Face but standing right in front of the speakers is never a good idea. Even with earplugs. Take a few steps back. We promise you’ll still be able to feel it!

Think for yourself, care about others

Your enjoyment and safety are top priorities for us and they should be for you and your crew too. Please take care of yourself, watch out for each other, and know that help is all around you. If you see someone who needs medical attention, rehydration, or just a helping hand, keep the positive vibe alive and be a friend to a friend in need.
Don’t leave your friends alone, especially if you know you or your friend(s) have consumed any substances. Stick together; there is safety in numbers. We recommend agreeing upon a meeting point as soon as you arrive in case you loose each other.

Made the decision to take drugs or drink alcohol? That’s your choice and yours alone. Do not try to convince others to join and do not let someone convince you to use drugs or alcohol if you don’t want to. Be yourself and follow your instincts.

Pace yourself: eat, sleep, rave

While dancing you probably want the party to last forever. We’d like that too but unfortunately you’re not a robot. No matter how badly you want to party non-stop it’s just not healthy or possible. Take some time to recharge and make sure to get enough sleep. After sleeping you will be ready for the next party! And… Do not forget to treat yourself to a good breakfast.
Don’t get dehydrated. Dancing the day away will quickly sap your body of vital fluids! If you’re thirsty, drink water, but know that water alone won’t be enough to fuel your body and replenish the electrolytes you lose when you dance. Keep in mind that drinking too much water is dangerous too, stick to two glasses or one 0.75L bottle each hour. Drinking too much water without replenishing electrolytes can be dangerous. It’s best to drink a combination of coconut water, sports drinks and water throughout the day. This will keep your body well-nourished and in prime condition to dance into the night!

Don't push your limits. Be responsible

Take care of yourself because you’re very important – everybody is somebody’s baby. Plan ahead and think about what you want to do. What time you want to go home? How are you planning to get home? Talk about your thoughts and plans, also if you are wiling to use drugs, with friends.
Keep in mind that “less is more” when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Better to have one less than one too many. You might feel sick and your party will be totally ruined. Not to mention that going too hard, will mean you’ll also ruin the party of the friends you’re with. Celebrate, live, dance, be wild, but within your own limits.

Be prepared for any type of weather

Weather can change rapidly. Always check the weather forecast before you go to a festival and be prepared for anything. Because day and night temperatures can vary drastically it’s best is to dress in layers. We recommend that you avoid synthetic fabrics and other garments that don’t breathe and can cause you to overheat. Also, do not forget your sun block! If you’re camping at a multiple-day festival remember that it can be very cold at night.

Drinking alcohol and taking drugs may limit you ability to assess how cold you are. Make sure to take warm cloths with you including socks and a sweater. Bundle up at night if temperatures drop! If you wear enough clothing before you hit the sleeping bag you can avoid waking up freezing in the middle of the night.

Take your time to chill

For sure you want to party and dance endlessly. However, your body needs to cool as well. Cooling or chilling, It’s already in the name. Taking a break from dancing is the best thing one can do to prevent overheating. Especially if the area is hot and humid your body won’t be able to loose its own moisture and warmth anymore so you might get overheated. Thus, take your time to make a round and chill. Go to a cooler area regularly, for instance the chill-out. If you’re on an open-air event: go to a shaded place where you can recharge and cool down. Do not keep on dancing if you are not feeling well, search for a silent place out of the crowd or ask the first aid for advise.

Chill once in a while and you will be able to party longer.

Always have safe and respectful sex

Be Safe
We all know that along with dancing and partying comes flirting. It’s one of our favorite things about a good party and we hope you meet somebody special at one of our events. Just remember what looks great when your perception and judgment is impaired by alcohol or drugs isn’t always so pretty in the morning. Make smart choices, be wary of taking strangers back to your home, hotel room or tent, make sure a friend knows who you’re with and where you are and always, always use condoms. Imagine having an amazing event experience only to find out you’ve come away with an STD or even an unwanted pregnancy. Lame. Carry condoms with you.

Be Respectful
Remember that “no” means “no”. If somebody says “no” do not continue to pursue a sexual encounter with that person. Additionally, if somebody is too drunk or high to give their affirmative consent, they’re too drunk or high to have sex with. Having sex with somebody who cannot consent due to an impartment is Rape. Set your our own boundaries and make them clear to the one you’re with. Do not be persuaded or intimidated: someone who really likes you, will respect your wishes.

The first aid team is your friend

Medical aid stations are marked with a red cross and are all over the event site. They are staffed with emergency medical professionals, and they have water and sports drinks with electrolytes if you need them. You are very much welcome at the first aid for any health issues, from aspirins, plasters to drug related issues.
Always keep in mind: if you require medical aid, tell the medical personnel everything because it may save your life. You will never be in trouble for seeking Medical attention or for telling the truth. Medical staff is prohibited from using information you share with them.

If you take drugs make sure to tell your friends what you’ve taken and how much, so they can tell someone if you are not able to anymore. Telling Medical what drugs you or your friends have taken will not have legal consequences for you or them.

Never leave anyone alone who’s feeling sick. Ask for help and stay with your friend or fellow music lover until medical help arrives. If you’re not able to find the first aid or you’re unable to get there, you can always ask security or a crewmember to call the first aid for you. If you suspect that somebody is ailing from a medical issue or the use of drugs or alcohol, seek immediate medical attention. Keep an eye out for these signs and symptoms in yourself and others; if you or a friend experience even just one sign seek medical help immediately!

Don't drink, drug and drive. You are a great risk for yourself and others

Every day 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 51 minutes. Every year over 10,000 people are killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. The risk of a traffic accident is higher for young people under the age of 25 and highest for people who drink or take drugs. The use of alcohol and drugs often results in overestimating driving skills. In your impaired state you are a direct danger for both yourself and other people. Do not drive if you are in this condition. You can kill yourself, your friends or somebody elses most beloved human. Don’t do it.

Tiredness is another danger to drivers. A risk that is often underestimated. There is only one cure for tiredness – Sleeping. Energy or other stimulating drinks are not enough to get you in driving shape again.

Schedule your trip home in advance. Take care of your own drive home. Never join a driver who is not sober. Take care of a (sober) driver, take a taxi or schedule someone to pick you up or sleep in a hotel. Whenever possible: use public transport. If you do go by car, appoint a designated driver well in advance, encourage and respect their designated sober status on site and do not distract the driver from driving no matter how funny you think you are!

Celebrate Safe WebsiteMore information? Check out the Celebrate Safe website